Rig KS Medstar 1 SPS, Egypt

Carrying out rig survey for Special Periodic Survey (SPS), preparation of scope of work, material requirement and managing the steel renewal work for crediting the SPS Survey by ABS.


Scope also includes, deployment of engineers on board the rig, interaction with ABS and identification of yard to execute critical activities.


Most of the steel renewal work will be executed while the rig is in operation at Offshore Egypt, Mediterranean Sea.


Client / Yard :- KS Drilling, Egypt.

Engineering Services for Lamprell Energy, Sharjah.

Engineering Services for New Build Construction at Lamprell Energy, Sharjah.


JUPSOL has signed a 2 year contract for proving engineering service with Lamprell Energy, for their new build construction projects taking place in Hamriyah Free Zone.

The scope is primarily for structural designing and producing construction drawings for their new build jack up rig project for Shelf Drilling.

Client :- Shelf Drilling.
Yard :- Lamprell, Hamriyah Free Zone, Sharjah.(2015).

Rig Somnath Pre-Purchase Inspection, Qatar.


Rig Somnath (Hull 351) Pre-Purchase Inspection.


JUPSOL is undertaking the Pre-Purchase inspection of Jack Up Drilling Rig Somanath, (Letourneau 116-E, 350 ft) at NKOM Shipyard, Ras Lafan, Qatar.


The scope is to carry out through inspection of the rig structure, equipment installed, commissioning carried out and the progress made by the shipyard in preparing the rig for final delivery.


The scope also includes verification of all documents, certificate, ABS survey and classification status.


Client / Yard :- NKOM Shipyard, Qatar. (2015)

Rig Noah's Arc (2015)


JUPSOL personnel were deputed as Marine Warranty Surveyor (MWS), on board Jack Up Drilling Rig Noah’s Arc, at Khalid Port, Sharjah. The rig is being jacked up to an air gap of 270 feet and leg structure repairs are being carried out at 300 to 350 feel elevation. The repair is being carried out under the supervision of ABS.


Rig Somanath
Rig Somanath

Rig Noah's Ark
Rig Noah's Ark