Rig Wave Sierra - 5 year Refurbishment (2013)  


Project Management for Jack up rig Wave Sierra major refurbishment , 730 Tons of steel renewal, pipe renewal, refurbishment of all main, auxiliary machinery, drilling equipment’s, jacking system, etc. 

Project Value :-US$.34 Million at Hamriyah Free Zone, 


Client :- Quest Energy LLC, DUBAI UAE.


Rig Thule Power rebuilt 250 ft BMC 150 rig (2013)


Project estimation, planning and budgeting for reactivation of rig Thule Power, (rebuilt 250 feet BMC 150 rig). Preparation of plan, schedule and budget for complete re-commissioning of rig systems and completion of construction work in accommodation, fire and gas detection system. 


Client :- Atlantic Marine Services, BV.

Jack up Rig Jindal Star (2013)

Engineering, design and fabrication of secondary out fitting for Jack Up Drilling Rig Jindal Star, prior to offshore deployment.


Client :- Jindal Pipes (offshore division), Singapore.​

New Build HULL 351/ Somnath Pre-Purchase Inspection(2013)


Rig inspection of new build Hull 351/ Somnath at N-Kom, Qatar.


Client :- Atlantic Marine Services, BV, Rig Location N-Kom, Qatar.

Jack up Drilling Rig GSP Saturn (2013)


Engineering analysis for new BOP platform, Texas deck, and Emergency escape hatch for mud pit room.

Fire, Safety and Life Saving Plan revision and approval by ABS. 


Client :- GSP , Romania.

Jack up KS Medstar 1 and KS Titan 2 (2013)


Location suitability study and rig positioning drawings for working on offshore locations. 


Client :- KS Drilling , Egypt.

Wave Sierra
Wave Sierra

Thule Power 1
Thule Power 1

Titan 2
Titan 2

Wave Sierra
Wave Sierra