2011 - 2012

Jack Up KS Medstar, KS Drilling, Egypt  (2012)

Leg extraction analysis, for a penetration of 22 meter at Baltim Location , offshore Egypt. Client :- KS Drilling Egypt.

​Jack up Drilling Rig Hull 308 &309 (2012)

Rig construction (Hull 308 & 309) progress survey, at ABG Shipyard, Bharuch, India. Client / Yard :- Atlantic Oilfield Services,Dubai.


Jack Up Drilling Rig Pride Hawaii and Pride Pennsylvania  (2012)

Rig Survey to evaluate rig refurbishment cost for prospective buyers. Client / Yard :-  Themis Marine.


Engineering conversion of Lifeboat Titan 2 (2011)

Feasibility study for conversion of Self Elevating Unit, Titan 2 into a Mobile Offshore Drilling Unit. Client / Yard :- KS Drilling , Dubai. 

​Design of new Jack Up drilling rig for GL Noble Denton  (2011-12)

Consultancy for Basic Design development for a 400 ft , harsh environment jack up drilling rig for Dalian Shipyard, China. 

Client :- GL Noble Denton , UAE.

Engineering for Rig Modification (2011)

Consultancy for feasibility study to modify rigs to meet prospective clients requirement. 


Client / Yard :- KS Drilling , Dubai. 


ABS and CAP 437 (2011)

Design four ABS and CAP 437 compliant aluminum helidecks. 

Client / Yard :- ABG Shipyard , India.


Jack up Rig Medstar 1 (2011)

Engineering for structural modification of helideck. Client / Yard :- KS Drilling , Egypt. 


Rig inspection HULL 106 & HULL 108 (2011)

Inspection of new build construction of drilling rig at MIS Shipyard, Sharjah. Client / Yard :- Noble Denton and KS Drilling.


Rig inspection Enesco - 50 (Amarnath) (2011)​

Rig inspection for prospective operators. Client / Yard :- KS Drilling, Egypt.


Jack up Rig being built in COSCO, Nantong, for KS Drilling (2011) 

​ Initial review and finalization of contract and builders construction agreement. Review and acceptance of Gen

eral Arrangement and basic design drawings. Client / Yard :- KS Drilling , Dubai.


Rig Medstar 1 (2011) 

Engineering for increasing the leg length of rig to enable increased water depth capability. Client / Yard :- KS Drilling , Egypt.